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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

New Marketing is Old


In the June issue of the McHenry County Business Journal Anne and I authored an article entitled The Secret of the Carrot and the Stick. Our assignment was to wax large on the topic of motivation. I hate the whole idea of motivation. I hate the whole concept of carrot and stick. As someone who did a stint in a mental hospital in the mid 60’s – in this instance I was on the side of the keys – I really hate the idea that we are just gangles of behavior that can be so easily manipulated by “carrots.” I have come to learn that no matter whether I like it or hate it, there are many things that are what they are and I’m a better person, and a more effective one, for acknowledging that and taking charge of the process.

We humans are amazing. So amazing we don’t even know it. Because we have many capacities and capabilities that are out of daily awareness. Language is one of those things that we so don’t know anything about. In the Business Journal article we touch on the work of a Canadian Roger Bailey who developed a LAB profile instrument that “sorts us out” – that is it sorts out what we trained in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) call Meta-Programs. These are the structures that, for the most part, are outside of our awareness but exert a definite control over our every choice and behavior. In that article we use for the motivation example the research that shows that 40% of us are motivated toward what we want and the other 40% are motivated away from what we want. The group in the middle? They, as we say, go either way and actually mix strategies.

An interesting point that we didn’t have room for in that article is that we tend, and I stress tend, to use the same strategy in all areas of our lives. So knowing if a person is away from or toward could not only be useful in sales but also in personal relating. You can thank me because I’m not going to write a relationship column – this time but what I do want to point out is that – I HATE IT! You see, all of this unconscious stuff that “runs us” is doing it even when we think we are making rational conscious decisions about what we like and don’t. Sorry. We have so much to learn and so little time. We are so busy deciding to get more of what we don’t want and can’t stand and defending our right to do so that we’re not aware of the life we are really living. Or I should say that is living us. Want to learn more? We hate teaching this stuff. Because like everyone else we have to deal with the fact that we don’t know what we think we know. 847.854.1111