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Monday, August 21, 2006

What's Alive In You? | The Truth and Nothing But

What I know about truth won’t cover the head of a pin. Truth as in absolutes of the world I can go with. Sure there are very big trees called Redwoods. I believe that is true though I’ve never actually seen them myself. I saw a picture in grade school of a giant redwood with a Model A car driving through a cut out in the trunk. You can search car and redwood and see a modern car in a cut out redwood. Impressive. Sure. I’m impressed by the disregard we have for the redwood. Who are we trying to impress. With any luck at all, these trees will outlive us and many more generations.

Heads of pins and Redwoods with Cars. What do those have to do with truth? Plenty. The big and the little are the illusionist in our life. They trick us into thinking we are big and in charge and also that we are small and insignificant (I’ll teach you and drill a hole big enough to drive through to show you who’s boss here!)

Humans are so small that it’s hard to even get a slight understanding of how tiny we are relative to the universe we live in. Think that “insignificance” is why we try so hard to dominate and be in charge and bully the rest of ourselves around and band together to kick butts (and worse) in other countries. What have we learned after the eons on the planet? I think a lot but we listen too much outside and not enough inside. Our internal guidance systems are dormant as we have cranked up our conscious mind and taken our egos out to play. It’s fun. It seems relevant. But it’s often the death of what’s alive inside each of us.

The truth? I don’t care about the “truth” of what’s around us. I don’t care if it’s true that the universe was created 60 jillion years ago or 5 minute ago. What I care about is the “truth” that I bring to this moment no matter when or how it was created. There is a consciousness alive in me that is full of a truth of one. My mission as an incarnate being more or less awake in a human body is to bring forth the truth of what’s alive in me. That’s I’m not to judge it or hold it or push it. Just bring it out. Live it congruently. I can’t care if anyone else sees it as a truth or a lie. That’s their perception. My life is to live my truth. It’s a message with meaning I may never understand. My conscious mind understanding of the truth I bring is not my concern. To stop it because I don’t understand it or because of fear that others will judge it and, perhaps will criticize and ostracize me for it, is not an option. That would be to come to earth with a delivery which I’m to fearful to deliver. Who benefits? No one.

We think we need to know. Let’s get over that. We live in a big .. very big mystery. That’s ok. To not know is ok. To want to know is ok too. But to not do because you don’t know is not ok. You have and I have something alive in us that came to be here. That came here to planet earth to add to the mix of the zillions of other very unique aliveness … to create and stimulate conversation, to foster understanding, compassion, sometimes dissonance and war. But we all come here with a truth. The challenge for each of us is to live it. Speak it. Be it. Champion it. This is the life we came here to live. Step into the mission of being and living out loud what’s uniquely alive in you. Do you know what it is?


Blogger P.L. Frederick said...

Hi there! Just wanted to say hello. I found your blog because it was one of 32 to currently have an Edgar Cayce tag show up in Blogger profiles, including mine. Happy blogging to you!

What I've read from your posts is uplifting. I'll be back!

P.L. Frederick (SMALL & big)

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