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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


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It really concerns me that the “nice” people do not derive the benefits of the internet that they should be. I don’t mean that we are entitled any more or less than anyone else. But, fact is, we’ve abandoned our internet to the abusers.

Each of us likely spends a good bit of time each day cleaning out spam (my definition of spam is anything I don’t want in my mail box). In all of that spam how many messages do you get from fellow business associates?

Here’s my point. I WANT to get email from my local fellow business people. I want to know what is going on in your business. I want to know what specials my local and area friends have. I want to help my fellow business partners thrive and grow. To do that I need to know when to mention them, when there is a special, what is news, timely, seasonal. How can I know that when they are intimidated off the internet for fear of being perceived as spammers. What do you think? That I would rather read the one hundred millionth Viagra ad more than I want to hear from you?

The problem is that the spammers have created the impression in us that all unknown email is spam. The spammers have taught us to get upset, if not indignant, that someone is putting unwanted stuff in our email. They have taught us to stop making distinctions about email that we want to see. The spammers are hurting our local business because they have forced us off the internet. I say let’s take back our internet. Let’s educate ourselves and our fellow business people so that we can re-link our business community. So that we can know more about each others businesses and encourage more communication among our colleagues.

To do this WE have to start making the distinctions when we look at email and begin to welcome local e-mailers. To see messages from fellow businesses as a good thing. A very good thing. Because that email means that we can all begin to avail ourselves of the most powerful way to interconnect our businesses and business interests.

I invite each of us to make an active commitment to take back our internet and use it and encourage its use to build better business for our local community of business associates.
In Peace, Bob Sandidge